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According to Emory University, over 70 percent of Americans eat their dinner in hotels and restaurants. The University goes forward and says that less than 1/3 of American families eat their dinner together.

These statistics are caused by the hectic nature of modern life. If you’re a mum, you should take measures and encourage your family members to begin carrying their dinner at home.

Why Cooking At Home Is Great

There are many benefits that come with preparing your dinner in the home:

Food Allergies: Since you have control over the components that you place in the food, you have peace of mind that you and your family are eating food that you aren’t allergic to. When you make your dinner at home you will be able to remove any ingredient that your family members or guest possibly allergic to.

Preparing dinner at home also provides you control on the quantity of fat that you can place in the food. This ensures that you and your family members are healthy.

Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctors: In these challenging economic times it’s critical that you watch where your every penny is going. Utah University Extension has been able to demonstrate that it is more economical to prepare dinner at home than eating in a restaurant or food shop.

Making food at home lets you save money which you may invest in other places. To save more money you should consider preparing the food in large quantities.

Family dynamics: It’s only during dinner when family members have time to sit down and discuss. Research studies have shown that children tend to benefit greatly when they take meals with their parents and other members of their family.

The studies have shown that kids who grow up in families that eat their meals together tend to be more confident of themselves, perform better academically and are not as inclined to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking and taking drugs.


These are a few of the advantages that come with making your dinner at home. As a mum, you ought to do your research and think of healthy recipes that will be adored by all members of the family. The cool thing is that there are many sites and magazines that have great recipes from where you can draw your inspiration.

To meet the demands of your family, you should not shy away from scrutinizing your recipes.

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